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The time clock!

Life clock doesn’t know any holiday, coffee break, it can’t be reset and there is no way or corruptible politician who can help, its tik tak will flow undismayed, cold and without mercy as water flows incessant in a river smoothing and consuming, slowly but relentlessly, its stones.

Each one has his own time and he can manage it depending on his wishes or more probable depending on his culture and from the possibilities offered by his life’s context.

This clock can only be subjectively slowed down or speeded up depending on the own life stile and on the perception that each one has of it but objectively it will persist in its perseverance as sand flowing in a hourglass.

In the modern western culture and in particular in the big metropolis it seems that all our chores, from our job to everyday life, are set up in order to consume, placing a subjective accelerator at our personal clock.

We can do this till the sunset becomes nearer, at this point we suddenly discover that by now the clock is running out of its tik tak to abandon us in an era that doesn’t know time. We look all around us understanding that that long and incessant tik tak made us as the river’s stones, smoothed and consumed ready to be thrown in the bin of the old and useless stuffs.

Without the need of looking for cultures remote to us, where the sun and the moon cycle are still ruling that clock, maybe, in our life, we should be a bit more aware of the existence of that tik tak, because running away from the thought of that sound will make us running towards to an only unsettled, chaotic and unconscious existence so that the non existence will arrive suddenly and bitter.

At each one his time.

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