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Trento, opening at Le Gallerie

An opening during a symbolic day

Just at the end of the darkest times of the Covid pandemic, the exhibition opened on a symbolic date: June 2nd, day of the Italian Republic.


A new chapter

The new photographic exhibition “Alps, theatre of battles! 1940-1945″ is a new chapter of the reportage “Here they fought”. This time the aim is to remember the tragedy of the fascist consequences. The Alps, with the signs of war against France and against former Yugoslavia, are the the main focuses.


The photographic missions

The exhibition is the result of more than a year of historical and geographical research. The photographic missions were carried in a range of altitudes between 1000 and 3000 metres. The reportage crosses the entire Alps and six countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.


Where the exhibition goes next?

It will be on display in Trento until 6 September. Then is due at Ducal Palace of Genoa from 18th September to 11th of October. At the beginning of September is also due in the bookstores the new book.

Here the official web page of the exhibition in Trento.

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