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A flag raised on the memory of shed blood.

A flag and too many battlefields! The emotions of a long journey It’s always hard to describe emotions and feelings after a 10 days photographic mission in the most remote areas of the Alps to discover the places of forgotten bloody battles. I passed through different emotional states, I had many different thoughts while visiting […]


Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica, a city where you can enjoy a historic era that no longer exists, a city which you can explore through its exquisite cuisine, wines and casinos. Strolling through the streets of Nova Gorica means to relive history. There is no brick in that area of Karst, where the city is located, which was […]


A dream called Europe.

Today I want to talk about a dream called Europe. Behind every photographic mission that I embark on hides a long historical research work. I do not want to photograph rocks but I shall tell the stories of men that remained on those rocks forever. It is the stories of those men that changed me, […]