The vineyard cottages of Novo Mesto.

The vineyard cottages of Novo Mesto.

There is a part of Slovenia that has to be discovered. The reason might be that it is slightly further away, and also, the trio of Ljubljana, the Postojna Caves and Bled attracts many tourists, keeping them away from the rest of the Country.

This part of Slovenia, however, has nothing to envy from that trio because it has many attractions, scenic, thermal gems and a strong food and wine tradition. All these are yet away from the masses and so still genuine.

We are talking about Novo Mesto, a city bordered on three sides by the sinuous banks of the river Krka. Surrounded by forests and hills covered with vineyards. This is the region of Dolenjska, also known as Lower Carniola.

Various ancient relics can be admired in the well-kept Ethnographic Museum where archaeological objects of rare beauty such as ceramics, rings of colourful glass and necklaces of pure amber are on display.

Visiting Novo Mesto means embracing a slow and natural pace, perfect for relaxation. The surrounding hills are full of vineyards, where, before tractors helped alleviate the efforts of the winemakers, wine had been produced strictly by hand for centuries. The farmers used different premises to store their tools and barrels and rest for a moment during the harsh days of harvest.

Today, these houses have been transformed into cosy cottages ready to welcome you for a rejuvenating stay. These are the cottages of Novo Mesto. The ideal destination to leave behind the frenzy of the big city and devote yourself to the spas, to cycling in the hills, to treat yourself with delicious food or to sip Cviček, a strictly local wine unique in its kind!

For more information feel free to contact the local tourist information centre, TIC Novo Mesto, they will be happy to guide you to discover this beautiful region.

To book a holiday in the cottages of Novo Mesto Cottages, simply choose one from the Cottages website.

If you want to relax in the enchanting spas then the waters of Šmarješke Toplice, Dolenjske Toplice or the thermal pool of Otočec Castle are highly recommended.

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